Test my website without pointing the domain name

You just created a hosting account with us and want to test the service before changing the Nameservers or A record?

Well, we have a solution for that. Read on.

  • Go to https://hosts.cx/
  • Enter in "Server Address". (Your server address may vary, to find the correct address, please see the footnote).
  • Enter the domain name you used during signup in "Website name".
Thats it! hosts.cx will generate a temporary website address for you to test our hosting service before even pointing your domain name. 

Easy.. right?

Appendix: How to find your Server Address. 
  • Login to cPanel (as per your Welcome email instructions). 
  • In the next page, you will the "Server Address" assigned to your website: 

  • Copy this address and use it as per the instructions provided in the beginning of the website. 
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