Are You Considering Selling Your Web Hosting Company?

Hosting Company Acquisitions

Are you looking to sell your web hosting company?

We’re on the lookout to help out web hosting resellers in the UK. Ensure your web hosting company and clients are in safe hands by working with CMS Launcher today. We have solid experience in the sector and are ready to provide your clients with top-of-the-range customer service.

Sell Your Web Hosting Company

In our experience, there are many web hosting companies and resellers all over the UK who are looking to get out of the hosting business.

We provide these companies with a simple process and fair remuneration for selling their hosting client-base.

What We’re Looking For

We’ll consider any UK-based shared hosting company. It’s worth taking into account that we don’t purchase any of your physical assets. We’ll take over your client-base and migrate these tour own service, guaranteeing minimal disruption and a smooth transaction.


Think you’re up for selling on your web hosting company? Make sure you meet the following criteria.

  • UK-based company
  • 95% clients are UK-based
  • Established company for 2+ years
  • Company has stable turnover or growth
  • Hosting uses cPanel/WHM


We’d love to work with you, and may even increase the valuation of your web hosting business if it meets some of our bonus requirements. Get in touch today if your company matches the following.

  • If the majority of your users are billed monthly.
  • If you use an RIPE IP address space.
  • If the majority of domains use your nameservers.
  • If you use a WHMCS billing system.
  • If you have over 500 cPanel hosting accounts.

Your Company Valuation

Wondering how we’ll value your company? It’s incredibly simple. We’ll pay between 6 and 9 months of revenue, based on some of the factors we’ve mentioned already.

To work out the kind of remuneration you can expect, take the total of your annual shared, business and reseller hosting revenue, then divide that total by 12. This will give you your average monthly revenue, and it’s what we’ll base our valuation on.

Sound good to you? Get in touch today to find out more about selling your web hosting company to CMS Launcher.

Super Simple Transfers

It has never been easier for you to transfer your web hosting clients to our services.

Our Hosting Control Panels

Our transfer from your business to ours will be simple and quick, using any of the following hosting control panels.

Keep Clients In The Loop

We like to put a strong focus on excellent customer service and a really easy transfer for both you and your clients. We’ll ensure that they know exactly what is going on at every stage in the process. They will be able to get in touch 24/7 and will have a clear timeline of when the transfer will occur.

Off-Peak Migration

We’ll keep both your clients and yourself at ease by making sure the migration happens out of peak hours. In almost every case, we can migrate these clients with no downtime. We ensure there is minimal disruption for all involved.

Ready To Work With Us?

If you think this deal sounds like it would work for your web hosting company, then get in touch with us today. We would love to hear from you.

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