How To Choose A Good Web Hosting Company

//How To Choose A Good Web Hosting Company

Most important factor when choosing a hosting company is that you first need to determine your needs and your goals to host your website. Do you need a static website? Blog? Online store? Everything needs to be tailored to your needs. Making a decision on which web hosting company to choose from can be a little bit aggravating. With all the companies out there promising all the cost effective fairy tales to have 99% uptime, kind and ingenious support, unlimited resources, etc. There has to be a way to cut through the well-crafted promises and get to the best solution for you and your business.

Here is the list of factors to include when making a decision:


This is the first thing we look when choosing a hosting provider, but it shouldn’t be the deciding factor. Before you empty your pocket, be sure to conduct web hosting comparison and take a closer look at all the features that each host provides. Cheapest or even free hosting will negatively impact your search rankings, you will end up wasting your money, hard work and other resources and your presence and credibility will suffer in the long run.

Storage & Bandwidth

If you are average website owner you shouldn’t worry too much about storage and bandwidth. You can store images on Flickr, files and documents on Google Doc and videos on YouTube. Consider this only if you plan to grow big.

Customer support

24/7 phone support is a must, especially if you are business oriented and need to quickly fix problems as soon as they emerge. Communication is a key, so look for all possible channels like email access and online chat, and don’t be afraid to test them to see responsivity and reactions.

Uptime & Speed

Just like customer support, nothing is more important than having a 24/7 operating web host. You need a stable and fast hosting with stable network connections. Aim anything with 99.5% and above. Going below 99% is unacceptable. Don’t forget that having a lean and faster loading pages help improve conversions and bounce rate and increase overall search engine rankings.

Customer reviews

Try to make some research and find third-party reviews on forums and other websites to get other people experience and opinions about your favourite hosting service.

Try before buy

If you have this option available, I strongly recommend that you use it. This way you can get a feel about hosting service, test speed, play around and see if it fits you. You can try our web hosting without credit card for FREE with 500 MB Disk Space and 1 GB Bandwidth for 7 days.

SSL Support

Look for this if you plan to use third party service to handle your customer’s payments data. This is a must-have for e-commerce sites that work with sensitive information like credit card numbers, usernames, and passwords.

Daily backup

Imagine that you woke up one day and hosting provider accidentally deletes your website? You can say goodbye to your online business and start from scratch because of that one mistake. This is usually not a problem unless you don’t have a regular backup. So, backup is must have here, no questions asked.

Ability to scale

As you grow, your website generates more traffic so it needs more space, speed, and storage. Ability to scale becomes more and more important and good hosting providers offer easy and simple hosting upgrades to reflect your business size.

Understand the three main types of hosting.

Shared Servers

Most cost effective option for beginners and small websites. You share resources with other websites on the same server and because of that, your website will have inferior performance. Try to upgrade as soon as you start to see larger traffic.

Virtual Servers

This servers offer best web hosting for small business that run an eCommerce store as they provide a lot more stability and greater resources. This is your go-to solution when your business generates a decent number of visitors per month.

Dedicated Servers

Most commonly used for corporate websites or small businesses. Unlike shared servers, dedicated servers are only assigned to your site providing the most resources and the least downtime. Use this if your site has a large number of high-traffic visits. These servers are the most expensive but at the same time the most reliable option you can choose.


Remember that choosing the hosting company solely on the affordability is a big mistake that can often get you hard on your knees and pocket in the long term. Never mistake less for more. Also, no matter how much effort you put into your expectation, if your hosting provider is lacking the necessary features to enhance the user experience, you might not get what you wish for. In the end, carefully choose the web hosting companies that offer authentic features, make some preliminary research and choose one which suits your needs the most.

Keep in mind that It’s not about finding the best web hosting in the world, it’s about finding the RIGHT web host for you!

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