Managed WordPress Hosting Guide

//Managed WordPress Hosting Guide

Managed wordpress hosting is a form of web hosting which can be used by individuals as well as businesses and organisations to help run their day to day operations when it comes to their website and the server it runs on. There are a range of different benefits to managed wordpress hosting which we will examine in this guide.


What Is Managed Hosting?

Managed hosting is a process where a customer receives web hosting services from a provider which normally includes as standard a dedicated server with bandwidth , customisation options and support. Support and maintenance is normally provided by the company managing the server itself. Managed hosting can vary from host to host depending on what packages they have available and how much support they are available to provide to their users.

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What Are The Main Benefits To Managed WordPress Hosting

There are a range of unique benefits that using managed word press hosting can bring to a business:

  • One of the main benefits/appeals of using a managed word press hosting service is that costs can be significantly lowered as there is no need to hire a team of IT qualified employees as full support and maintenance is provided by the hosting provider.
  • Security and system integrity is greatly improved by the use of  managed word press hosting. This is because often hosts run advanced software and have advanced technical expertise to ensure that your site is secure and up to date with the latest security features.
  • 24 hour support is another crucial feature that makes up word press hosting. With 24 hour support you can be assured that any issues you may have will be fixed within shorter timescales than with firms that do not provide a 24 hour support service.
  • This form of web hosting can improve a company’s website so that it has increased loading speeds , faster response times etc

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Other Ways In Which To Enhance Your Online Presence

As well as using a managed word press hosting service there are a range of other things that you can do to improve your website overall.  One key change which can be made is the application of SSL Certificates. SSL certificates apply an additional layer of protection from hackers and are essential for businesses that deal with online transactions. Without having an SSL certificates sites run the risk of being infected with malware and having users confidential information leaked or used fraudulently online.  A further way in which your websites online presence can be improved is by redesigning the website. Website design and layout is very important is one of the first things potential leads and clients take notice of when they are visiting your website. Having a well designed and fast and responsive website can greatly enhance the look and feel of the website and make a better impression on sit visitors. One of the most effective ways in which to do this is to employ the help of a web design agency in order to improve your website overall.


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