Prestashop Ecommerce Hosting – All You Need To Know

//Prestashop Ecommerce Hosting – All You Need To Know

Prestashop ecommerce hosting is a form of web hosting which is specially tailored towards individuals or organisations looking to sell products or services online using an integrated online selling platform. If you are in business chances are you will need some form of website and hosting platform in order to start selling online. Having said that there are of course existing e-commerce websites such as amazon and eBay but these take a percentage of the sellers earnings in return for hosting them on their eCommerce website.  One of the best forms of eCommerce platforms/software we found available to use was Prestashop.

Prestashop ecommerce hosting

What Makes Effective Ecommerce Hosting?

When it comes to effective ecommerce hosting there are a variety of different factors that come into play.  One of the most important factors that should be considered prior to purchasing ecommerce hosting is the packages that are available. Packages for ecommerce can come in a range of different sizes and budgets. When considering this form of hosting its best not to spend to little and have a limited website. if you’re unsure of what your budget is for your site research competitors and plan out the sort of content that you think would be good on your website overall.  Another crucial factor that contributes to overall effective ecommerce hosting is security

. Security for any ecommerce platform is absolutely crucial as people will be entering confidential data such as card numbers and their identity in order make purchases online.  A feature can assist in this is Secure socket layer  (SSL) certificates. These security certificates provide encryption to websites that handle sensitive data and display a green padlock symbol in the url bar to indicate to users that SSL certificates are active. As well as providing an additional layer off security this can also help to build trust with consumers and the ecommerce company. Prestashop ecommerce hosting provides SSL certificates as standard which is another reason why we highly recommend this form of ecommerce hosting.

Is The Ecommerce Market Too Saturated?

Some critics of ecommerce hosting argue that the market is too saturated when it comes to ecommerce online. This is true to an extent as there are larger retailers that often dominate certain sectors within online business. For example Amazon has aggressively bought and taken over thousands of companies across the world that they saw as potential competition. On the other hand the growth of competitive ecommerce hosting platforms such as prestashop ecommerce hosting has allowed new merchants entering the market a better chance to showcase and sell their products /services. Ecommerce is competitive by nature and is likely to only continue to grow and innovate ith newer technology as time goes on.

prestashop ecommerce hosting


Overall to conclude there are a number of different hosting packages available for ecommerce online. Prestashop is just one form of hosting that we found to be highly effective , interactive and easy to use. To conclude  Security , usability and packages available should all be considered before committing to a hosting package online.