SSL Certificates

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Google is flagging websites without this security certificate in place

In days gone by, the rule of hand was that if you took credit card information or login details via your site, you needed an SSL certificate to reassure your users that their data was safe and encrypted.

Nowadays, many more sites are cropping up which allow you to access a client portal or even simply fill in a contact form. Strict rules surrounding Data Protection have helped bolster the search engine’s plan to flag up sites which don’t make full use of secure encryption, using an SSL certificate.

Make sure your site is safe, and your users are reassured, with an SSL certificate from CMS Launcher.

HTTP vs HTTPS – What’s going on?

We all recognise the classic HTTP connection for websites. It’s been around for years. However, increasing data protection processes mean HTTPS has been brought into play. The S in HTTPS stands for Secure, meaning all your site’s data is encrypted to a high standard. Most web browsers will show a padlock symbol next to the URL to indicate that your HTTPS connection is secure and reliable.

Is your site still HTTP? If you want to ensure that you won’t feel the effect of being penalised by Google, a new SSL certificate will ensure your site is using an HTTPS connection. Keeping your site and your users’ data as secure as possible.

SSL certificates

Avoid this error and secure your site now

Keep search engines happy and ensure your new domain is set up with an SSL security certificate for your website.

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What is an SSL Certificate?

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. An SSL Certificate is an essential stage in the process for all websites, in particular those which handle personal, private or sensitive information. The best SSL certificate you can get will encrypt any data your site processes between the server and the user’s computer. Anyone who already has a domain name, either from CMS Launcher or another provider, can install an SSL certificate.

It used to be good practice to have the SSL certificates installed on your website, now it is an essential requirement. Strengthen your defences again cybercrime with effective encryption and a powerful security certificate.

Why Buy SSL Certificates?

At CMS Launcher, we want your websites to be the best they can be. From a powerful and fast server, to adding the best SSL certificate you can find.

Already got a good looking, fast and optimised website? Great, you have completed the first step before investing in your site’s security. Then why add an SSL security certificate?


SSL encryption and HTTPS will now affect your ranking on search engines. SSL certificates are now essential for SEO across the board.


Installing an SSL certificate will help your users to feel reassured in entering their data, with the iconic padlock symbol advocating your site’s security and reliability.


Our simple, easy to use guide will ensure your SSL encryption is up and running in no time at all. At CMS Launcher, we want you to experience fast, simple and efficient service.


If you buy SSL certificate and need a hand with installation, CMS Launcher can help, with around the clock exceptional customer support.

Find the Best SSL Certificate for You

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